Business Planning and Execution

We are here to improve business and manufacturing performance by offering business consulting and training services which will grow our economy and increase jobs and opportunity here at home.

Business Strategy & Financial Planning

Strategy and Financial Planning

Financial Analysis & Enhancement, Mission-Vision-Values, Strategic Planning & Deployment (objectives & cascading priorities), Competitive Analysis

Sales & Marketing

Sales Accelerator Training, Voice of the Customer Training & Process Development, Digital Marketing, Industry & Customer Gap Analysis

Business Execution & Operations Planning

Productivity & Continuous Improvement (OE)

Productivity & Continuous Improvement (OE)

Toyota Kata Improvement & problem-solving system, Lean/Six Sigma, Kaizens, Training Within Industry (TWI Job Instructions & Job Improvement Methods), Predictive Maintenance, Machinery Quick Turn Set-ups

Business Execution & Operations Planning

Execution Strategies/Planning, Operations Planning, Plant Layout, Toyota Kata System of Management, Automation & Robotics

Business Execution & Operations Planning

Product Development

Productivity & Continuous Improvement (OE)

Product Development-Process guidance & Product introduction strategies

Inventory, Distribution & Supply Chain Management

Reshoring/ Nearshoring of Manufacturing & Suppliers, Inventory Management, Distribution strategy, Process Development

Sales & Distribution